I recently purchased an Asus Zephyrus G15 (2021) laptop with a Ryzen 9 5900HS processor and RTX 3070 GPU. I really enjoy the light weight, relatively diminutive size and curiously long battery life of this machine which also packs a performance punch when needed. However, one thing I was not prepared for was Asus and […]

Several years ago Microsoft provided Windows 7 operating system ISO file downloads easily through a site called Digital River. Legitimate, clean copies of all versions of Windows 7. Then they stopped. Why is this a problem? I refurbish a lot of older desktops and laptops; often to give them away. Those systems usually have a […]

I have decided to give Ubuntu 17.04 LTS Desktop a go. On a whim I installed it on a laptop I had lying about (being an IT person they tend to proliferate over a given period of time in my office… older units becoming doorstops, newer units lovely “Jenga” blocks and maybe the occasional Proxmox […]

Every now and then I venture into writing an article about consumer technology. One of my favorite areas of consumer tech is low-cost media center type devices… e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, nVidia Shield TV, and a host of off-brand media players and sticks you can pick-up on Amazon. I consider myself a bit of […]

Having grown up watching Apple grow up, I got a little nostalgic and decided to put together a slideshow of the Apple website from 1997 through 2014. Sit back, relax, and reminisce… I will provide some useless remarks along the way as it’s Friday and a good day to have some fun. I also put […]

I made the switch a few weeks ago to “ART” (Android RunTime) from Dalvik on my AT&T LG G3. All I have to say is HOLY COW… I think I have nearly doubled my battery life. I normally unplug my phone around 7:30 AM and by the time I plug it back in at night […]

Well, I had my Xiaomi Mi3 stolen recently :(… luckily my work replaced it for me with an LG G3 from AT&T. This is the first time I have gotten a mainstream android smartphone from one of the big networks and I was in for a few surprises…

I finally found a few minutes to write up a short how-to on getting your Chinese Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone rooted, westernized, and cleaned up! To make your life much easier, I have actually written a couple of scripts that can be used to remove all of the Chinese bloatware from the phone, install the Google […]

I recently had a second child. Her name is Eleanor and she is kind of awesome. Her big sister, Izzy, just turned two… (all parents out there are nodding their heads as they have immediately assessed and understood my circumstances…) So my wife and I have a toddler and a newborn, a situation that has […]