This tutorial is going to be a bit to the point so there is an assumption that you have a level of comfort with Linux and with basic file manipulation, ownership, etc. I recently launched a new site,, that is focused on collecting firmware for Mediatek based devices. The majority of the site is […]

I made the switch a few weeks ago to “ART” (Android RunTime) from Dalvik on my AT&T LG G3. All I have to say is HOLY COW… I think I have nearly doubled my battery life. I normally unplug my phone around 7:30 AM and by the time I plug it back in at night […]

Well, I had my Xiaomi Mi3 stolen recently :(… luckily my work replaced it for me with an LG G3 from AT&T. This is the first time I have gotten a mainstream android smartphone from one of the big networks and I was in for a few surprises…

I finally found a few minutes to write up a short how-to on getting your Chinese Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone rooted, westernized, and cleaned up! To make your life much easier, I have actually written a couple of scripts that can be used to remove all of the Chinese bloatware from the phone, install the Google […]

The Xiaomi Mi3 (pronounced “Sh” + “Oww” + “ME” — “ME” “Three”) is one seriously good phone at a seriously low price. You probably aren’t familiar with the Xiaomi brand if you are are a Western reader. However of all the Chinese upstart electronics manufacturers, Xiaomi is perhaps the MOST poised to become a household […]