13. Rounding off 2001… the first iPod was released in October of that year and while it wasn’t the first portable digital music player, it is probably the most iconic and definitely kicked off several new markets for music and electronics. Also, see the lower-right-hand corner… All current-generation Macbooks still have some of the “design DNA” that was introduced in the G4 Titanium PowerBook.

14. Perhaps a lackluster way to kick off 2002… Especially after ending 2001 on the advent of the iPod… but hey, it definitely has some historical intrigue… I am fairly certain Apple has only ever outright marketed itself as “affordable” and “for everyone” like… this one time? :). Here we have a computer that is $1100 and it’s “for everyone…” Smile and move on…

Take a look at the bottom of this page… An Apple rackmount server using Motorola G4 processors. I would imagine these are truly about as abundant as unicorns these days (edit: a quick search of eBay informs me otherwise). I had never heard of Apple Rackmount Servers, (let alone just Apple servers…) until I started putting everything together for this article. My guess is they have long since exited the server market… (edit: some later digging indicated they might actually still sell servers…)


15. For 2003, I couldn’t resist including something for AOL Members :). I mean, heck 2.1 Million people are still subscribing to AOL Dial Up in 2015… (Friends don’t let friends pay for AOL in 2015…) This is probably still a relevant marketing message for those folks… of course most of them probably aren’t too sure about what an “iTune” is or whether or not they would like to hear it…

I do spy the G5 down in the corner there in addition to that really odd looking iMac Desktop All-in-One. The G5 had a couple of distinctions. It was one of the first desktop computers to do 64-bit computing. It was the last Apple model to feature a PowerPC CPU and it was an active product line all the way through 2006. It was also one of the first consumer systems to optionally ship with a stock liquid cooling solution. (which unfortunately had the distinction of leaking… leading to frying)

Finally, note the slight design changes to the website again. The “apple” logo in the upper-left-hand corner is now flat grey and the shading on the site has all shifted to make it appear a bit more metallic/flat and less glass/plastic. Similar to the aesthetic shift in the design of G4 over to the G5. This site design is going to remain relatively untouched for the next 5 years…


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