10. Still 2001, THIS was the year the Power Mac hit 11.8 Gigaflops. I mis-spoke back when we were in 1999… Which makes the frightening amount of CPU in our smart phones today all that more astonishing. By comparison to the PowerMac G4 of 1999, the top-end 2001 model had DUAL PowerPC G4 processors running at up to 867 Mhz each vs. the single processor at 500 Mhz in the 1999 model. Here was a fun article I came across regarding the G4 and the fact it was briefly “non exportable” because the government sets limits on tech that can leave the country and the G4 surpassed those limits for a brief time after launch in 1999. The limits were increased shortly thereafter but that didn’t stop Apple’s marketing department as spinning it as “so powerful the government classifies it as a weapon”.

11. I told you 2001 had a lot of images… Remember where you were when the twin towers were hit? I do. I was in class and everything at school pretty much stopped for the rest of the day as we kept hearing the aweful and ever escalating news reports come in…

12. One more stop for September 11th before we keep moving through. The world was never the same afterwards, our country was never the same. This was one news article screenshot I grabbed directly related to Apple and that tragic day.

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