25. Kicking off 2007 is, in my humble opinion, the most defining product that Apple has ever released… the iPhone. Granted the iPod is what moved them into mobile devices in the first place, but I think the iPhone is what has made them, truly, a household name.

Wondering about the iPhone’s original contemporaries? Check this out

The Nokia N95 was perhaps the top of the heap and the user experience wasn’t even worth comparing to what the iPhone brought to the table. Apple truly did do something revolutionary by going with a big screen and insisting you only needed a touch panel and nothing else.
Keep an eye on the website design at the top as it is going to disappear in a few more months…
Oh, as a fun sidebar here… what were the specs for the first of a breed of new smartphones?
1. Samsung 412 Mhz ARM 11 chipset (everything was “single core”)
2. A 320×480 TN LCD panel – no flashy IPS with wide viewing angles…
3. 1400 mAh battery…
4. 2.0 MP Rear Camera
5. Wifi – B/G…

26. The Apple TV was also released in 2007. The Roku came a year later from Amazon as would the Western Digital TV Media Player. The latter was only for local content (however it could be hacked to support usb WiFi dongles and Ethernet adapters for network streaming), the two former devices were both solely for streaming content.


27. And now we are in the middle of 2007 and Apple has done a site redesign again (note the navbar). The black background was just for the iPhone and not site wide. This overhaul of the navbar was a big aesthetic improvement and they also included a search field on the right. The Apple Logo went from flat to metallic, matching the polished metal on their flagship product, the iPhone.


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