22. This is a 2nd generation shuffle, which made a lot more sense than the 1st generation shuffle as this one had a very functional “clip” design. I give props to Apple for such a nice player. I still preferred the Sansa Clip MP3 player though because it had a very workable/useful screen, a microSD card slot, an FM tuner, AND a Microphone in more or less the same size packaging, albeit it wasn’t as high-end in design. That was kind of how I felt about most Sandisk Sansa products at the time; more features and value for less money, but not quite as high-quality (but close enough.) I still use my Sansa Clip 🙂


23. Apple’s general ire towards Microsoft finally culminated in the form of a witty commercial series which celebrated computing stereotypes… Once Microsoft released Vista this series ratcheted up significantly (and rightfully so perhaps, Vista was a train wreck). As an IT professional they still grate at me a bit, but if I am honest they probably rang true for most “everyday” computer users… especially before the advent of Windows 7. I am actually not a fan of Apple products for myself, but I don’t mind recommending them to friends and family. That being said, I was quite happy when Google released Chrome OS, which offers the stability and ease-of-use that Macs do. A Chromebook has been one of the best computing purchases my household has made and it hasn’t broken the bank. I would love it if Google would release a spoof on this commercial series with an “I’m a Chromebook.” I would be curious to see what they could come up with :).


24. Welcome to 2007…


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