If you aren’t familiar with Owncloud, it is a very cool open-source software package that runs on Linux Apache (or Nginx) that provides “dropbox like” functionality that you can host yourself. This is a big deal for the tech-savvy average-Joe that is worried about keeping private data private (i.e. he doesn’t want all of his […]

I will try to keep this short and to the point. If you work in a Windows/Linux mixed environment, you may come across a scenario where you need to move SSL certificates and private keys from a Windows server using IIS to Linux running Apache or similar. Windows and Linux tend to use two different […]

Need to administer some drupal stuff from the command-line? DRUSH is the answer. But first you need to get it installed. I am putting the commands to run here to do just that for my own future reference. Hope this is of benefit to everyone else! Elevate yourself: sudo -s Check if Pear is installed: […]

I have been having issues I can’t narrow down that have been causing Apache to go into a conniption and the websites on my server to go down. The quick duct tape fix has been to login ot the server and restart Apache. This is a manual process though and the site could be down […]

It is kind of hard to believe but you can actually get a dedicated hosting solution (your very own server) at shared hosting prices. It just boggles my mind that this kind of value exists. I spent the last few nights and weekends (for the last 3 years… honestly…) trying to find a better web […]

In a post Heartbleed world, implementation of SSL is being scrutinized like never before (at least in my short years of experience in information security). Even though Microsoft/IIS implementations were hardly, if at all, affected by Heartbleed, they do often suffer from other common SSL vulnerabilities. This is particularly true of Microsoft Server 2003 R2 […]

A quick disclaimer: Like most of the mass of humanity, I didn’t thoroughly read through the terms and conditions… That being said… One of the most useful features I have personally found in regards to keeping up with the handful of bloggers I enjoy reading content from on a regular basis is the ability to […]

Won’t say much, just wanted to drop a couple of links here as this site is a repository for stuff I don’t do extremely often and then find myself looking up again. Today I am cataloging these items… Here is an excellent article on how to update modules. Simple and pretty much to the point! […]

This tutorial assumes you have some experience with Linux administration although I try to hand-hold as much as possible. If you are on a shared hosting solution and don’t have root access, you can easily modify the shell script we will create later to target your user’s home directory on the server. You also need […]

So we are all probably familiar with the Heartbleed bug at this point. Remediating this issue on a couple of servers that I admin required moving from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10. I am going to go into a few of the problems I ran into when I made the jump…

I run google adsense on several of my drupal sites. That is a whole other discussion for a whole other time. Suffice to say, adsense now gives your site a health ranking or score for ad display. Crawler Errors are one particular problem that can hurt your adsense score. Drupal, by default, has a pretty […]

If you are running a drupal 7 (and perhaps other versions) site, and your site has a bunch of users, you may want to listen up. You have probably noticed that your User profile URL’s always point to the UID number (user id), which isn’t particularly user friendly. So pathing currently looks something like this: […]

After pulling my hair out for sometime as my Google-Fu was weak and apparently no one else has written a straightforward walk-through, I finally figured out how to get the Drupal Views Megarow module working for me. This article makes some basic assumptions about your knowledge of Drupal. 1. You are familiar with using “Views” […]

Here is the scenario – You are an IT Admin for a business that is large enough or handles data of a particular type such that you have to worry about security more than the average Joe. Furthermore, you get audited from time to time. However, people want an IM (Instant Messenger) solution and… they […]

My Apache administration skills are something that I am working on – ongoing. Furthermore, any IT / Web / Linux admin worth their salt should have somewhat of a handle on DNS and on Apache. I have somewhat of a handle on both, though like most things I am not an expert :), rather I […]