A quick disclaimer: Like most of the mass of humanity, I didn’t thoroughly read through the terms and conditions… That being said…

One of the most useful features I have personally found in regards to keeping up with the handful of bloggers I enjoy reading content from on a regular basis is the ability to subscribe to new posts via email. I already have my analytics and a host of other things taken care of for Kiloroot but this is one feature that has been lacking.

Being a decently experienced Drupal site builder, but very green in regards to WordPress… I wasn’t aware that implementing this feature was so easy. So forgive me if this post sounds a bit noobish to you experienced users of the platform out there.

Basically, the Jetpack Plugin very easily takes care of regularly emailing subscribers to your blog whenever you generate new content or, if they so choose, whenever new comments are made on a specific post. It runs everything through wordpress.com (hence my disclaimer above as I am sure they are somehow profiting from the information) which greatly simplifies life as I don’t have any additional headache to set up on the server or in the code. I believe the idea was to bring to authors who host their WordPress blogs on private/dedicated servers, the same rich features and functionality available to the more traditional/common WordPress.com users.

I just flipped on several features today, including the ability to subscribe to Kiloroot.com by email. I am impressed by how incredibly simple the whole process was and I believe the longer anyone spends working in any field of information technology, the more they appreciate simplicity. Hopefully it isn’t coming at too high of a cost.

Anyhow, I pass the information on to any of my readers, who like me, are new to the platform and looking for a simple way to boost your audiences engagement with your site. This is by no means an endorsement as I haven’t been using the new feature set to make a recommendation. Just some initial pleasant observations.


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