My Apache administration skills are something that I am working on – ongoing. Furthermore, any IT / Web / Linux admin worth their salt should have somewhat of a handle on DNS and on Apache. I have somewhat of a handle on both, though like most things I am not an expert :), rather I am always a professional generalist (always getting a little better at everything…). So when a client came to us with a scenario recently I had to do some searching around to figure out what the best solution was. I am not stating that this IS the best solution or best practice however it is working well for us and I would love to hear some ideas, if you have them, on how you would have solved this.

So basically our client built a site. Let’s call it However, after this site was around for several years and garnered some decent traffic they realized they really wanted it to be called and they were rebuilding the thing anyhow. That being said, they didn’t just want to outright drop “” as, hey, that is getting some traffic and people think of this client as both “widgets” and “cool widgets” so they would really like to keep both names but always redirect to