Let’s Encrypt is an incredible, FREE, service that allows you to get trusted SSL certificates for your website. The certs expire every 90-days but what is great is that there are a lot of tools for auto-renewing the certificate without you ever having to touch anything on your server… until that process breaks. Case-in-point: If […]

I have been learning a ton of PHP lately in an effort to build a significant amount of custom functionality into a Drupal website. As I am not a developer by trade it has been a steep climb upward. Lately I have been refactoring a lot of my code using functions. Being a noob however, […]

I have been doing some work on a drupal site recently and working heavily with Taxonomy. I had a need to identify Taxonomy terms based on the person that created them. The problem with taxonomy terms is that unlike traditional content types, author information isn’t automatically appended when a term is created. Terms are just […]

In this DigitalOcean article, as a part of a series to help developers with scaling, we will be talking about configuring Varnish with Drupal. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes users to load your Drupal based website, and increase t Source: How To Configure Varnish for Drupal with Apache on Debian […]

Need to administer some drupal stuff from the command-line? DRUSH is the answer. But first you need to get it installed. I am putting the commands to run here to do just that for my own future reference. Hope this is of benefit to everyone else! Elevate yourself: sudo -s Check if Pear is installed: […]

Won’t say much, just wanted to drop a couple of links here as this site is a repository for stuff I don’t do extremely often and then find myself looking up again. Today I am cataloging these items… Here is an excellent article on how to update modules. Simple and pretty much to the point! […]

So we are all probably familiar with the Heartbleed bug at this point. Remediating this issue on a couple of servers that I admin required moving from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10. I am going to go into a few of the problems I ran into when I made the jump…

I run google adsense on several of my drupal sites. That is a whole other discussion for a whole other time. Suffice to say, adsense now gives your site a health ranking or score for ad display. Crawler Errors are one particular problem that can hurt your adsense score. Drupal, by default, has a pretty […]

If you are running a drupal 7 (and perhaps other versions) site, and your site has a bunch of users, you may want to listen up. You have probably noticed that your User profile URL’s always point to the UID number (user id), which isn’t particularly user friendly. So pathing currently looks something like this: […]

After pulling my hair out for sometime as my Google-Fu was weak and apparently no one else has written a straightforward walk-through, I finally figured out how to get the Drupal Views Megarow module working for me. This article makes some basic assumptions about your knowledge of Drupal. 1. You are familiar with using “Views” […]

String Overrides is a phenomenally versatile module that will make your life MUCH easier if you are administering a Drupal website. The basic premise is this… There is a “string” of text on my website that I need to replace with something else. I have used it a few places, here is a particular use-case:

The company I work for operates an internal drupal websites that I built. Everyone authenticates using their Microsoft Active Directory user accounts. That means that Microsoft Active Directory handles their passwords and email addresses and a host of other things that Drupal would normally handle if we were just authenticating against the database. Therefore one […]

I am attempting to integrate SSO (Single Sign On) with Facebook for one of my Drupal sites. (www.rockchipfirmware.com). After a bit of research and digging through modules I decided to give the “Drupal for Facebook” module a go. Talk about a PAIN IN THE AR$E… I should have suspected when the description of the module […]

I thought I would put this together quickly because in typical Linux fashion something that should be straightforward isn’t… Node.js – I am still not sure what it is :), however I am in the process of setting up drupalchat on one of my sites and when I tried using it with the AJAX option, […]