Setup a New MySQL Database and User with PHPmyAdmin

We are setting up OpenFire with MySQL for better performance. So you need to setup a database and user for it to use in MySQL.

  1. In a browser go to: http://yourserverip/phpmyadmin
  2. Login with “root” and your MySQL database root user.
  3. Go to the “Users” Tab
  4. Click “Add User”
  5. For username type “openfire”
  6. For “host” select “Local”
  7. Hit the “generate” button for a password and copy and paste the password to another text document as you will need it again in a moment.
  8. Under “database for user” section, tick “create database with same name and grant all privileges”
  9. At the very bottom-right of the page, click “go”
  10. you can log out of PHPmyAdmin now

Next you need to open up a browser window and go to the local IP address of your openfire server at port 9090. Example:

This will start the server setup. Hit the next page for more details on that…

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