This tutorial is going to be a bit to the point so there is an assumption that you have a level of comfort with Linux and with basic file manipulation, ownership, etc. I recently launched a new site,, that is focused on collecting firmware for Mediatek based devices. The majority of the site is dedicated to firmware download collection. However there is a subset of the site called “dev-tools” that is specifically a collection of software and tutorials on how to modify Mediatek roms. In this case, we are focusing on roms that can be flashed using the SPflash tool which means their format is a series of .img files, a scatter file, etc. Many Mediatek devices are for the Chinese/Asian market and therefore come with a lot of software that is of little interest to western users. Many just come with bloatware that is of interest to no one. Therefore it is often desirable to modify the firmware for these devices and remove all the bloat as well as do a bunch of other things.