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Here is the Scenario:

  • You have deployed Office365
  • You have an on-prem Domain Controller (hopefully more than one!)
  • You are using Azure AD Connect 1.1 or greater, (which is installed on one of your domain controllers)
  • You create or manage user accounts using your on-prem domain controllers
  • Whenever you create a new user or make a change in AD you have to wait around (up to 30 minutes) for Office365 to reflect the change

In previous version of AAD Connect there was a Windows Scheduled task that would periodically sync AD data to Office365.

In later/latest versions of the tool there is now a scheduling engine that is part of the tool which is set to do a “delta” sync (only updates/changes) every 30 minutes.

When you are working though you might not want to wait around 30 minutes.

Simple Solution:

Login to the domain controller with the AAD Connect tool installed and open an elevated powershell prompt. Run the following commands to force a delta sync right then and there:

Import-Module ADSync
Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta

Other Useful Commands:
If you need to do a “full sync” of the entire directory again:

Import-Module ADSync
Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial

Finally, if you want to check the status of the Sync Scheduling engine:

Import-Module ADSync

That’s it!

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