Making use of a SAN (storage area network) provides some incredible benefits. I won’t go into depth but at a high-level you often get: 1. Excellent hardware redundancy for data storage, more-so if you are using multiple arrays but even most enterprise single arrays can provide N+1 redundancy. Now we can tolerate power failures, and […]

My list of reading grows… I follow very few blogs at present but I just came across this author today while doing some other reading: Might be worth taking a glance, he seems like a pretty sharp guy looking to share some help with the rest of the IT community! Regards

I have been a Chrome user since shortly after the browser launched. I contend that no other Browser can quite match Chrome for speed and clean UI design. However, in light of the recent NSA scandals and growing privacy concerns, Firefox had caught my eye again as being a browser that is wholly open-source in […]

I was reading a quick post today from one of the few bloggers that I currently follow and, as usual, he had some good insight into some current technological trends… namely the growing inclusion of touch-screens on everything. His article is worth the read and it will pique your interest if this is something you […]

Whenever I start a new site of any kind there is always that question of how quickly will the traffic come? I actually built and continue to run these three other public sites: The first site (Roman’s Tech Help) was originally a blogger (i.e. the Google blogging engine…) blog that was dedicated […]

Being a security person, having a strong respect and belief in the rule of law, and an ardent Libertarian… I sometimes find myself a bit philosophically conflicted 🙂 Anyhow, I am still reading through this but I do find it rather engrossing. Enjoy! To one person’s comment (this was written 2 years ago, well […]

I have had my problems with hosting providers and have bounced around to a few different ones. Initially my goal was to go cheap. However I eventually wised up and settled with Media Temple. However I still have a few sites on a Dreamhost Shared Hosting Plan. Why Dreamhost? Well… in the Shared Hosting world […]

Yesterday I wrote a post extolling a view of where I think the world of technology is heading. You can read it here: A Brave New World – Truly Technology Agnostic One of my colleagues quickly pointed out that I currently work in an environment that is counter to everything I laid out. Namely, our […]

I am (perhaps overly ambitious…) going to start a series of posts titled “For the Linux Server Noob…” If you have been a Windows guy or gal your entire life, and have started dipping your toes into the wild and exciting world of Linux… well, it can be a bit overwhelming. I know, I was […]