Being a security person, having a strong respect and belief in the rule of law, and an ardent Libertarian… I sometimes find myself a bit philosophically conflicted 🙂

Anyhow, I am still reading through this but I do find it rather engrossing. Enjoy!

To one person’s comment (this was written 2 years ago, well before the whole Snowden fiasco and the revelation of programs like PRISM… making it all the more relevant today…):

So I think about this a lot: Facebook, google, Twitter, etc. is all being pumped through various Carnivore, Echelon and other signals intelligence collection and analysis networks and are most likely being gather and processes by some super mega computer systems somewhere and is giving a near real-time readout of the entire “pulse” of our global society. Somebody, somewhere has access to this.

That’s some pretty powerful f***ing knowledge to have and my beef is this: that’s our data their using, that’s our lives, that’s us, and I feel it’s our right to have access to the output that system is giving. And I see anonymous and antisec as the beginning of a global push towards opening it up for all to see.
I wanna see the mega-cloud!!!

Yeah… I kind of agree. I am not sure if everyone should have access, but there should be better oversite and transparency… Probably just triggered something in PRISM with this post… 🙁


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