Today I am working on setting up a BackupPC server to take remote internal centralized backups of some of our other servers on the cheap.

I already had BackupPC installed and the basics configured but I needed to add a new drive to the system (for additional backup data storage) and I also needed to setup a new NIC connection. My Ubuntu Server is running on Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 on a Server 2012 host machine so adding all the new hardware was as simple as a few clicks.

Normally I am a command-line guy but this server is going to be managed ongoing by folks who are less Linux savvy so I wanted to install some additional software that would make their life easier. To that end, I am using Webmin.

During the course of adding additional storage to my VM I ran into some headaches related to Hyper-V and Linux storage formatting of GPT disks larger than 2 TB.

Sounds like a very specific use case? I think it is quicky becoming more common as A.) Storage gets cheaper and therefore larger and B.) Microsoft Hyper-V sees more adoption as it is now decently featured and has attractive pricing for people with existing Windows infrastructure. Hopefully this article will help you avoid the trouble I ran into when setting up a new large disk on an Ubuntu Hyper-V VM…