To make this comparison we need to first consider the problem that both approaches help us to solve. When programming any system you are essentially dealing with data and the code that changes that data. These two fundamental aspects of programming are handled quite differently in procedural systems compared with object oriented systems, and these differences require different strategies in how we think about writing code.

Source: Procedural vs Object Oriented Programming

As I have been learning Powershell I have seen numerous sources state over and again that Powershell is a highly “object oriented” language. Not having any background in programming I have been really curious what was meant by this. The above article explains it nicely. It starts out discussing ColdFusion specifically but the bulk of the article is primarily explaining the general concept of Procedural vs. Object Oriented programming (as the title states) and reading through it has helped me understand why powershell works the way it does. Having a basic grasp on this concept should help me out immensely and I would recommend it as a short read for anyone else delving into Powershell, particularly if you are like me and don’t have a strong programming background.


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