I think I have put together a pretty good solution for load balancing websites across multiple instances of IIS 8.5. I am sure my ideas aren’t novel but I am documenting them here for future reference. This isn’t meant to be a full walkthrough but rather it is me keeping notes for personal use and may be a useful springboard for admins with similar needs.

A Quick Introduction to DFSR
DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) is a Role/Feature built into Windows Server – it can be used to keep folders in-sync across multiple servers. Caveats such as replication latency mean that it might not be ideal for all use cases. DFSR is based more or less on the same technology that replicates active directory information between domain controllers. DFSR does “block level replication” which means changes made to files on one end don’t require the entire file to be re-replicated but rather just the changes. This is extremely useful if you are dealing with large “non-static” files. DFSR, I think, was introduce circa Server 2003 so it has been around for quite a while, it just wasn’t something that had really been on my radar until very recently.