Recently I had to transfer the FSMO roles in my Active Directory Domain to a new domain controller. They aren’t a particularly exciting topic or even really all that common in the grand scheme of things. However, if you do Microsoft Active Directory administration, FSMO roles are something you should at least be aware of and preferably know how to work with.

Rather than re-writing what everyone else has already said. Here the links you need to visit to get a good grasp on this topic.

What are FSMO Roles?

How to Transfer FSMO Roles..

How to Seize FSMO Roles

That should take care of most folks!


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2 comments on: Working with Active Directory FSMO Roles – In Everyone Else’s Words

  1. you can follow the simple steps given in this article. It would help you understand all the steps required to Transfer FSMO Roles

    • nbeam

      I took a look at the article (I didn’t read the whole thing but just skimmed) and it looks great. I am hardwired to immediately revoke comments with links that go back to the commenter’s own site (usually because they are spam) but in this case it looks like a very helpful resource. Thanks!

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