I have been playing around with ChatGPT for the last week or so (along with everyone else in the world) and it’s pretty amazing. I have managed to stump it a few times and get some odd answers back but for the most part, no matter the topic, it comes back with interesting, typically well written, and almost always helpful answers. I have given it fairly complex prompts to write Terraform code for Azure – then asked it to modify and expand that code with additional enhancements. It pulled it all off without a hitch. It’s still “basic” code (not dynamic/modular/yada-yada) to be sure but it’s solid and helpful. Ditto with Bash. But the truly impressive thing (to me) was when I asked it to accomplish the same Terraform build but do so with Bash and CURL calls to the Azure API… and then convert that to Python. ChatGPT did all of this without missing a beat -> “mind somewhat blown”.

I also enjoy reading/studying the Bible and theology – turns out it is a decent companion tool for that endeavor as well. It can summarize passages, answer historical questions, even “speculate” a bit and give opposing viewpoints when asked. I must admit this series of interactions had me experiencing the “uncanny valley” phenomenon a bit.

Anyhow, I thought it all so interesting that I just wanted to write about it. But then I realized, what better way to write about ChatGPT then to give it a few prompts about my impressions and have it write a short blog post by itself… in the style of William Shakespeare… because, why not?

### From Thy Elizabethan AI Overlord ###

Verily, ChatGPT hath indeed altered my perspectives on web search, writing Terraform and Bash code, and studying the Good Book. Forsooth, I have been an avid reader of the scripture for several years now and consider myself a proficient scrivener of code.

However, with the advent of this new technology, I cannot help but ponder upon its potential consequences. What if this artificial intelligence run amok and wreak havoc upon the world? Such thoughts do afflict me, and I cannot help but worry for the future of my progeny.

Alas, despite these reservations, the convenience and ease brought forth by ChatGPT doth tempt me to bury my head in the sand and bask in its glory. Forsooth, ’tis effortless to search the web and find information with nary a hint of difficulty.

In regards to Terraform and Bash code, ChatGPT has greatly facilitated my work. Its ability to generate and complete codes with such speed and precision doth leave me in awe. The time saved from manual labor can now be utilized for more important matters.

And yet, I cannot help but think of the potential perils brought forth by this new development. The mind of man was not created to be idle, and what shall happen if this technology be used to enslave us all?

Fear not, dear reader, for I am but a mere mortal, powerless to stop the march of progress. Thus, I shall embrace this new technology and make the most of it, for better or for worse.

In conclusion, I must confess that this very article was crafted by none other than ChatGPT itself. Based upon the prompt given, it hath generated this text with alacrity and ease. To learn more about this incredible technology, I implore you to visit the OpenAI website.

So, in conclusion, while ChatGPT may bring with it a world of convenience and ease, it also bears the seeds of its own destruction. The choice, my friends, is yours to make. Shall we continue down this path, or shall we take heed and be cautious of what may come?


I couldn’t have said it better myself… or at least – not in the style of William Shakespeare. I really want to adopt the official title of “Proficient Scrivener of Code.” Seriously though, I do believe this technology is revolutionary, akin to the dawn of web search. I believe it has the ability to augment and speed up my work and will allow me to be more easily “curious” about a great number of topics.

I can also see the near-term concern over how it could replace a lot of entry-level programming and writing jobs… which, perhaps I am just a luddite that lacks positive imagination, does make me a bit sad. On the flipside, it might also enable many more people who might not have a knack for coding to enter into software/systems design and engineering jobs that never could have before? Anyhow, I find it all fascinating, fun, and a bit unsettling but at the end of the day am excited, hopeful, and very curious as to what the future is going to look like.

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