We recently had a security requirement come down the line that required me to leave the wading pool of GPO administration behind and dive into the stormy waters of Powershell scripting. I am not going to dive into a full explanation of how to get started on powershell. What I am going to do is present my specific use-case as I ended up having to piece together a script from several different sources… Here we go…

If you are wanting remote access to an Ubuntu Server, the answer is SSH (Secure SHell). Ironically, SSH actually isn’t in the most secure configuration out of the box. Several of the servers I run are public facing, which means SSH particularly needs to be locked down.

So lets talk about locking down SSH. I found this article to be particularly handy:

There are two slightly more involved items on that author’s list, and there are two very easy items. I am going to deal with the very easy items because it is something everyone can do quickly and therefore should do as long as it fits their use-case.